Change of address - how and to whom?


With our suggestions, you can take care of changing your address in no time.

Who should you notify of a change of address? When is an e-mail enough, when do you need to do more? has put together all the important points about changing your address.

Go to the resident registration office of your old community. In some places you can do this online. You should bring, or send by post, the original registration slip and, if needed, the military service booklet.

Residents' Registration Office: deregister

Register in your new community​​​​​​​

You need to hand in your papers (certificate of place of origin, Swiss only) to the new community. In some communities, you can register online and send the certificate by post.

Residents' Registration Office: register​​​​​​​

Dept of Roads and Traffic​​​​​​​

Report your new address to the Dept of Roads and Traffic. If you have one of the new driver's licences in credit card format, you can do this online. The automobile registration and the old driver's licence must be sent to the Dept of Roads and Traffic by post or delivered personally.

Road Traffic Offices​​​​​​​

Additional places to report a change of address​​​​​​

  • Post Office (in person or online)
  • Billag (online or letter)
  • Telephone company (swisscom fixnet etc.)
  • Electricity provider (sometimes online is possible)
  • Bank (by letter, if possible via telebanking)
  • Bank (via Brief, allenfalls via Telebanking)
  • Credit card companies (letter with signature) 
  • Insurances (by telephone or e-mail)
  • Newspapers / Magazines