Make yourself comfortable on the first day


Naturally there's considerable work associated with moving house. But you can at least make sure that you don't go completely hungry and that you can totally relax in the evening. The probability that you won't get everything put away in its final place on the first day is quite high. It's thus best to pack the most important things for the first two days in a separate «emergency carton». This should include: bed linens, pyjamas, comfortable shoes (slippers), toilet articles, terry towels, clean clothes, a book, your favourite CD, dishes for breakfast and perhaps even dinner along with the necessary groceries.

To make sure that you don't forget anything, review in your mind your daily routine during a typical morning and evening. When packing the emergency carton, make sure to include a few items to help you relax (e.g. prosecco or bedtime sweets). These come in very handy after a stressful day.

Also think about your meals

Don't forget that you (and your family or friends) will also want something to eat and drink during the move. Thus, make sure to have on hand sandwiches, sweets (good for the nerves), cool drinks in an ice box and hot coffee or tea in a thermos jug.

For the evening there are a variety of possibilities. These range from a stew cooked the previous day (which you simply need to warm up), to convenience foods, to having pizza delivered (have the telephone number on hand) or going out to a restaurant. Here's a tip: often it's quite relaxing to escape from the chaos in your new home for a few hours by going out to a restaurant.

Flowers and scents

If you want to feel really cosy already on the first evening, flowers are the perfect answer. For example, put a vase of tulips in the kitchen or in the living room, put a potted orchid in the bathroom or a potted violet in front of a window.

Adding a mild fragrance to the room can also help you to relax and feel more comfortable. Recommended are, for example, room scents from Culti which you can set out (with willow sticks) or sprays from Durance.

A toast to your new home

Whether with prosecco, beer or red wine, reward yourself in the evening for all your hard work with a glass of your favourite beverage. Don't forget to chill the beverages in plenty of time.