Finding a replacement tenant


Are you looking for a replacement tenant for your apartment? Here is where you can find the necessary information to help in the search for someone.

If you have given notice for your old apartment, here is how things proceed:

  • Find a replacement tenant
  • Place an ad
  • Prepare for apartment viewings
  • Prepare a registration form for replacement tenants

Save money, submit a replacement tenant

Moving out of an apartment can be expensive because the tenant must honour the contract up through the normal termination date and continue to pay monthly rent.

This is the case unless the existing tenant submits the name of a solvent replacement tenant. Current law states that it is sufficient if a tenant who is moving out early indicates there is one solvent party who would be willing to take over the apartment on the desired date and at the current terms.

Place an ad

You can quickly and easily find a replacement tenant with an ad on To make sure your ad on is even more successful, we have collected the most important tips for placing an ad for you.

Prepare for apartment viewings

Take as much time as possible with each interested party and show him or her personally through the apartment. If a large number of potential replacement tenants get in touch, it makes sense to carry out the viewing in small groups. This allows you to avoid an impersonal atmosphere. If you put out registration forms for replacement tenants, any interested parties can fill one out directly.

Replacement tenant registration form

We have created a template for a replacement tenant registration form for you (also available as a pdf: Replacement tenant registration form). You can modify it to meet your specific needs and then hand it out to interested parties. With it, your landlord or property manager already has all the key information about potential replacement tenants.

Important note: In some cases property managers have their own form which should be used. The best thing to do is check with your property manager about this aspect.