Selling a farmhouse: what owners need to consider


Do you dream of having a historic, cosy farmhouse set in idyllic countryside? Now that it no longer matters so much whether we work in the office or from home, more and more people in Switzerland are moving to the countryside. So if you have a farmhouse to sell, now’s a good time to do it. Provided you consider a couple of things, you’ll quickly find the right buyer for your little gem.

Our six tips for selling a farmhouse

Tip 1: Emphasise any special, unique features

Your target audience is looking for a very special property. Those interested in buying a farmhouse are seeking a particular charm, an interesting story or a unique setting and location. Those wanting to sell a farmhouse should highlight these characteristics.

What are the special features of your property? Perhaps it has extraordinary architecture and many rooms. Or an exciting story to tell. What are the garden and outdoor spaces like? Is there an old barn, perhaps? Or is your property made up of several buildings rather than one single dwelling? You can also give prospective buyers some ideas of what can be done with the property.

Identify any distinctive, interesting features and write them down for later use in your listing and brochure.

Tip 2: Determine the price of your farmhouse

It’s not always easy to say how much an old, individual property is worth. In the case of very old houses, in addition to their size, location and grounds, other factors also need to be considered, such as their condition, any defects or renovation work that may be required.

Before you can sell your farmhouse, you must determine the price. You can have your house professionally valued by IAZI both online and in person. Thanks to our partnership with IAZI, Homegate customers pay the preferential rate of CHF 290.00 instead of CHF 350.00 for the valuation of a detached house.

Tip 3: Prepare the sale documentation and be honest

In order to be well prepared, you should collate all the important documents in advance. If you want to sell a property, you generally need:

  • Terms of sale
  • Map
  • Zoning plan
  • Floor plans 
  • Our sale documentation template will help to make sure you have everything. Also take a look at our detailed checklist for selling a property. Further tips and information are also available on our ‘Selling a property’ page.

When compiling the details and information about your house, you should be extremely conscientious and honest. You should notify the prospective purchaser of any defects or damage in advance. It’s also important to state whether your farmhouse is subject to a preservation/conservation order, or is a listed building. The buyer must also know the purposes for which the property may be used in accordance with the applicable zoning regulations. Such information is crucial for the buyer and must be communicated prior to the purchase. Otherwise, the buyer will subsequently have the option of withdrawing from the purchase or even claiming compensation.

Tip 4: Whip your farmhouse into shape

Before taking the photos needed for your listing, it’s worth making sure you show your property at its best. This is also important for subsequent viewings, of course, and can help achieve the highest possible price.

Home staging: use these tricks to present your house in the best light and create a sense of well-being:

Tidy and clean: Go through all rooms with a critical eye and try to dispose of anything that’s lying around or no longer needed. It may help to take a photo of the room and look at that. It’s usually quicker to spot any offending items on a photo than when standing in the middle of the room. When all the rooms have been decluttered, give them a thorough clean.

Give unused rooms a new lease of life: Farmhouses often have lots of small rooms, not all of which are used. If your house has empty rooms or ones that are full of old junk, give them a new lease of life. With a little creativity, you can quickly transform an empty room into a hobby area. A cluttered box room will also benefit from a clear-out: it’s a good time to tidy these rooms, too.

Let in light: The brighter a room, the more welcoming and inviting it is. Open the curtains and blinds (it’s advisable to clean the windows first) and switch on any lamps to create accents.

Clean up after your pets: Not everyone loves pets. If you have one, thoroughly clean any areas it likes to use prior to any house viewings.

Tip 5: Take good photos of your farmhouse

Photos provide a first impression of a property. The more appealing and expressive they are, the more likely a prospective purchaser will be to take a closer look at your listing. And you may ultimately achieve a higher price.

Here are some things to consider when taking photos for your property listing:

Take photos in daylight to make them look brighter and more welcoming. Too much sun can lead to overexposure, however. Blinds or nets can help with this.

Take photos of all rooms, including the basement, hall and stairs. This will give prospective buyers a good impression of your farmhouse.

Pay attention to the composition of the photos: don’t chop off furniture and aim for calm, tidy motifs.

Close toilet lids when taking photos of bathrooms and cloakrooms.

Take photos of the garden and outdoor spaces in dry, not too sunny weather. The grounds should also look tidy and well-maintained.

Make sure that no personal items or information can be seen in the photos.

Panoramic photos: it’s often difficult to capture everything, especially indoors. 360-degree or panoramic shots are suitable for this. Many smartphones already have this function.

Drone images: aerial images taken by a drone are of course a particular highlight. They are especially suitable for large farmhouses with extensive grounds. They provide an excellent overview of the property and its environs. Bird’s-eye shots are also impressive and will encourage people to take a closer look at the listing. Drone images are by no means obligatory, however, and should only be taken by professionals.

Tip 6: List your farmhouse online

If you want to sell your farmhouse, you can post a listing on Homegate in just a few clicks. Select ‘House’ as the category and then ‘Farmhouse’ as the type. Our successful listing checklist provides an overview of all the important information.

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