5 mistakes to avoid when looking for tenants


Have you been looking for a tenant for your apartment for a long time without success? It might be because your apartment listing isn’t making enough of an impact or is incomplete. We’ve put together five mistakes to avoid when looking for a tenant.

Mistake 1: Incomplete information in your listing

The listing is key to your search for tenants. You want to reach as many people who are looking for an apartment as possible and, ideally, get them to contact you to arrange a viewing. To do that, it’s vital to include the most important information about the apartment in your listing. This will also mean that you don’t get bombarded with additional questions. Your apartment listing should include the following information:

  • Size: Size of the apartment in square metres
  • Number of rooms: Also mention whether the apartment has a designated storage area in the basement or an attic.
  • Cost: Net rent and monthly utility costs
  • Address: Number, street, postcode and town/city
  • Availability: When can new tenants move in?
  • Apartment features: Is there a balcony or terrace? Is there a dishwasher? Does the apartment have its own washing machine and dryer?

We also recommend mentioning any exclusions in your listing. For instance, if keeping pets is not allowed, you can note this here.

Don’t forget your contact details, either. You want to make it as easy as possible for prospective tenants to get in touch with you and arrange a viewing. The best way to do this is to include your telephone number or email address.

Mistake 2: Poor images or no images at all

It’s important to add images to your listing so that potential tenants can get a feel for your apartment. Beautiful pictures attract attention, but blurry or pointless photos act as a deterrent. Pay attention to the following things:

  • Completeness: Include photos of all the rooms belonging to the apartment so that prospective tenants can get a full picture.
  • Tidiness: If the apartment already contains furniture and other items, tidy it thoroughly before you take the photos for the ad.
  • Light: Take photos in daylight – bright rooms are more inviting than a dimly lit apartment.
  • The right angle: If possible, make sure that the whole room is visible in the photo.

Along with photos, people looking for an apartment also like to see a floor plan, so you can give them a good initial impression of the layout.

Mistake 3: Rent too high or too low

If you’re renting out an apartment, regularly check the current reference mortgage interest rate and adjust the rent accordingly. If the reference interest rate falls, tenants are entitled to a reduction in rent. Setting the rent for your apartment too high will limit the number of applications you receive. On the other hand, you may be inundated with interested parties if you set it relatively low.

Mistake 4: Poor preparation

Finding tenants is a big undertaking, so you should factor in enough time to do it properly. Respond to enquiries as promptly as possible. It’s best if you set the date and time for viewings before publishing the listing, and then simply notify interested parties of the slots.

We also recommend working out in advance what potential tenants are likely to ask about the apartment, so that you have the answers to such questions to hand. For instance, they might want to know when the apartment was last refurbished, or the age of kitchen appliances.

Mistake 5: Making false promises

Show off your apartment in a good light and emphasise its unique selling points – perhaps in the title of the listing. But do be realistic. When they actually view the apartment, potential tenants will find out whether the information in the listing is true or not. Don’t promise ‘easy parking’ if the neighbourhood blue zone is always busy. And don’t describe the area as quiet if a busy main road runs right through it. However, the following information can have a positive effect if it is true:

  • Proximity to public transport stops, schools and shops
  • A large south-facing balcony with lots of sunlight
  • Lots of natural light
  • A quiet location
  • Recently refurbished bathroom and kitchen

Avoiding these five mistakes will up your chances of a successful listing. You can find more information about searching for tenants in our guide: