6 tips for successfully listing your apartment


Whether you want to sell or rent out your house or apartment, or are looking for a new tenant, in this article, we tell you what you need to keep in mind and how to successfully appeal to prospective buyers or tenants.

Tip 1: Listing title
Tip 2: What’s important when it comes to the address?
Tip 3: What’s important when it comes to the price?
Tip 4: What should the description include?
Tip 5: Uploading high-quality and helpful images
Tip 6: Floor plans and documentation

As a rule, include as much information as possible in the listing. The benefit? You attract prospective tenants who are definitely interested in your property.

The listing must include the following information:

  • Listing title
  • Full address of the property
  • Property description and price
  • Images
  • Floor plans and documentation

Tip 1: Listing title

With a good title, you can draw the attention of prospective buyers to your property and convey some important information about it.

  • An appealing title generates interest
  • Highlight the best features of the property

Tip 2: What’s important when it comes to the address?

  • State the exact and full address in the listing so that your property can be displayed correctly on the map.
  • Check the property address for typos.

Tip 3: What’s important when it comes to the price?

  • Important: state the exact price information for the property.
  • You can specify the gross rent as well as the net rent and the contribution for utilities. This information allows prospective tenants to assess which costs are accounted for by the net rent and the utilities, respectively.
  • For example, the gross rent (CHF 2,000/month) breaks down to net rent (CHF 1,800/month) and utilities (CHF 200/month).

Tip 4: What should the description include?

The key is to describe your property clearly and comprehensibly. This includes stating the most important information at the beginning and avoiding repetition.

  • Apartment layout, e.g. separate shower/bathroom, bath/bathroom, etc.
  • Size of the rooms in m²
  • Kitchen and bathroom features: e.g. dishwasher, glass ceramic hob, etc.
  • Flooring: e.g. parquet, carpeting, etc.
  • Other special features: e.g. terrace, garden, etc.
  • Information on the area: e.g. shops, schools, playgrounds, etc.
  • Provide information about unique property features as additional information (e.g. lift, pets allowed, family-friendly, etc.)
  • Provide as much location information as possible, as this is important for interested parties

For rental properties, you should also state whether a parking space or garage is included in the rent, and if not, how much it would cost to procure a parking space in addition to the rent.

Tip 5: Uploading high-quality and helpful images

Include images with your listing in order to successfully rent out or sell your property.

We have put together a set of recommendations for uploading high-quality photos:

  • Resolution: We recommend a resolution of at least 2000 × 1500 pixels – the bigger, the better.
  • File formats: In order for images to be displayed at their best, you should upload photos in JPEG or HEIC format. Images in GIF and PNG format are also supported but may not be displayed optimally in some cases (image sharpness may be reduced).
  • Photos should be in landscape format: The photos in search results are shown in landscape format. Pictures in portrait format are therefore not suitable.
  • Sequence when uploading: The first photo is displayed in the results list and on the map, so choose a photo that makes your property stand out from the others.
  • Present the property at its best: A tidy and orderly room looks bigger and appears inviting.
  • Make use of daylight: Open the curtains and blinds and turn the lights on. This will make the room brighter. Take outdoor photos in good weather.
  • Protect your privacy and possessions: Make sure that there are no valuables and prized possessions or personal photos and documents (e.g. a post-it note containing a password) visible in the photos.

Tip 6: Floor plans and documentation

To rent out or sell your property more effectively, floor plans and documentation can be helpful additions to your apartment listing because they can give the prospective buyer a more complete impression of your property.

Floor plans

Do you only have an old floor plan for your apartment or house? Our partner 1000hands.de can create a floor plan based on your template within 24 hours – for as little as CHF 12.30.

Choose from various floor plan types and the relevant information that should also appear on the floor plan.


Potential buyers, and even some potential tenants, often request documentation containing all of the information about the property in order to get a better sense of whether or not the property is a possibility for them before enquiring further. For you as the lister, it is therefore advantageous to have such documentation ready for when it is requested, or to attach it directly to your listing on homegate.ch.

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