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Access to exclusive listings

1000+ new monthly listings and advertisers that you can contact up to 7 days before non-subscribers.

Insight into listing demand

You can see how many enquiries a listing has already received. This allows you to assess your chances better.

Verified badge

Attract more attention and trust with this badge, which appears at the top of your contact requests. The response time to Plus users is 9 hours faster.

Free collections report included

As a TenantPlus user, you can order this collections report for free.
CHF 29.90
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You will be able to order the report once the free trial ends and your subscription begins.

Exclusive listings
Exclusive listings

Contact advertisers up to 7 days ahead of others

On Homegate, you will find more than 200 new listings every day. You can contact the advertisers up to 7 days in advance before the ad is available to everyone.

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"The competition in Zurich is too high, I never get an answer back"
Julia F.
Advertisers get 70% of contact requests within the first 3 days.
Listing demand
Listing demand

How many are interested in a listing?

Stay ahead of the game by unlocking exclusive information about the listing demand: number of views, contact requests via phone and email, and date of publication. With TenantPlus, your apartment search gets even more efficient.

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How it works


Sign up for a Homegate account and subscribe to TenantPlus


Get access to exclusive and daily new listings


Contact advertisers up to 7 days ahead of non-subscribers

Viewing date
"There are too many people at the viewings"
Exclusive listings are from private people like you who prefer a personal exchange over public viewings.
Viewing date
Viewing date

Book a viewing date online

Many exclusive listings allow you to book a viewing date online, giving you access to the property faster.

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What you get for CHF 39.95

  • List of exclusive listings that match your search criteria

  • Listings that are flagged with "Plus+" when you search on Homegate

  • Access to the advertiser’s phone number, email address and contact form up to 7 days before the listing is available to all

  • Free collections report included

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Frequently asked questions

During the 7-day free trial period, you can opt to cancel your subscription. Following the trial, you can deactivate auto-renewal, which will end the subscription after the 3-month term. To initiate cancellation, navigate to "My Account", then "Settings".
The TenantPlus subscription runs initially for at least three months. Upon registration, you agree to this term and to fulfill the associated payment obligation.
The subscription fee for the first three months is divided into three installments of CHF 39.95. Following this initial period, the subscription is automatically renewed monthly for a subsequent month until cancelled manually.
No refunds are issued for unsuccessful property searches. While the TenantPlus subscription offers exclusive advantages, property availability cannot be guaranteed.
No, you can still view all the listings. TenantPlus listings are sourced from private individuals, rather than agencies, offering a more personalized contact experience.
Since exclusive listings are sourced from private individuals, there are no charges incurred on the advertiser’s side during the exclusivity period.
Although TenantPlus and similar services may not directly address the shortage of housing units, our focus lies in taking advantage of personal connections to enhance housing opportunities. Exclusive listings, obtained directly from individuals like yourself, prioritize personal interactions over public viewings.
The benefit of TenantPlus is that it grants you early access to exclusive listings before they’re available to others. While these listings can be viewed by everyone, contacting the lister is a privilege reserved for subscribers only up to 7 days after publication.
At our essence, we’re dedicated to making a meaningful difference in the lives of individuals experiencing hardship. In partnership with a renowned social living organization, we’re committed to streamlining the housing search process for those facing challenges. Are you grappling with housing instability? Explore how Domicil could offer support.
There could be various reasons for the manual deactivation of your account:
- Non-payment of invoices
- Interaction with our support team resulting in the decision to deactivate