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Historic property in the sunny hills of southern Piedmont

Preis auf Anfrage1’900m2

Bastia-Mondovi, 12060 Bastia-Mondovi

The rich history of this special estate begins more than 500 years ago with its builder, the personal doctor of the Prince of Turin. Medico Mina only considered the best for his choice of home: based on positive energy fields, he used building materials of excellent quality and chose an optimal position from the climatic point of view and with easy access. After its founding the estate became a Benedictine convent and large farm, thanks to its rich water supply. Historical evidence of this eventful past includes a tunnel for escaping to the castle of nearby Cigliè, three sundials and an oven for bread. In 2002 to 2017 the estate was thoroughly restored during its private ownership. The refurbishment has been carried out by highly skilled specialist contractors (for the heating, plumbing and electrical services). Insulation, photovoltaic system and underfloor heating, all of excellent quality, guarantee minimum energy costs all year round. The estate gives the opportunity for a stay in an historic setting with modern comfort. The brick vaulted ceilings have been carefully brought to light, showing the special skill of their builders. Many of the walls have hand-painted decorations adding to the house's charm. The modern, practical furniture and the sizeable rooms provide comfortable up-to-date living space. The interior colour schemes and attractive details of craftsmanship are admired by visitors and residents alike. If the need arises, the property is independent of the gas and electricity supply: the woods on the property provide enough fuel, thanks to the modern wood burner, to heat the water and underfloor heating system. The meadows to the east and south-east are ideal for cattle raising and the planting of vines or hazelnut trees. And the fields are scrupulously cared for by the neighbouring farmers and cultivated without psticides. Due to the estate’s central location and the development of facilities in the outlying area (commercial centre, world heritage recognition, motorway access, etc), there is already a good income rate, with the expectation of future increase; the estate is furthermore predicted to hold and increment its value. The property is ideal both as a holiday home and as a profitable and reliable investment; it could also be equipped as an equestrian centre, a conference centre, a private retreat, etc. Its calculated potential income is around 200,000 Euro per year. It would be possible to purchase the existing business, which exploits circa 80%, with marketing plan and staff. Do you want to know more about this special jewel in the heart of the sunny hills of Piedmont? Then we look forward to your contact.


EUR 5’500’000.–30Zi

10010 Scarmagno

The Castle (3700 sqm / 39826 sq.ft) is one of Italys most beautiful monuments and it is considered one of the most scenic and extraordinary castles in the world. Its marvelous Noble Courtyard with the suggestive Fountain of the Mysteries, is surrounded by impressive, historical walls (built between the 9th and 14th century). All the rooms and the halls are of an incommensurable beauty and the luxuriant medieval park (35.000 sqm), able to accommodate up to 300 guests within its perfectly well tended gardens. It features also a Romanic chapel (850 A.C.). The property rises majestically on the top of the village offering a panorama of great beauty. This castle was owned and ruled by different important families, such as the houses of King Arduino, of the Bishop of Ivrea, the Holy Roman Emperor Otto I and the Savoia. At the end of 1800 the castle has been skillfully restored by the famous architect Alfredo DAndrade. In 1992 the works of restoration continued and the castle regained its antique magnificence and it offers the highest comforts and the most modern technologies to satisfy the most demanding customers. 30 bedrooms all with A/C + 47 bathrooms and the castle is heated throughout. Energy class: G The castle is located in a very easily accessible position : it is only 500 m. far from the A5 TO-AO.It is one of the most beautiful monuments in Italy and it is considered one of the most spectacular and enchanted castles of the world. Within its historical and mighty walls there are the Noble Bailey with its Mistery Well, wonderful halls and ballrooms and the luxuriant Tropical Garden, with its capacity to hold up to 300 guests.The Castle magnificently lifts up on top of the village offering stunning landscapes. It is considered for its history a lucky castle: a legend says that it brings luck, love and prosperity to all the people that will stay there even for a short period.The Manor has been skilfully restored and offers to its guests the best comforts, equipments and technologies that are able to satisfy even the most demanding guests.It was built between the XIth and the XIth centuries and in 1981 it was declared national monument.In 1991 it was bought by the present owner society, that restored it and created a hotel , a restaurant, a congress centre and, in part, private apartments. The building is the most suitable background for historical reenactments, as the very famous medieval duel that is traditionally held in June. In this castle, as in other manors of the Canavese area, the most popular and celebrated historical figure is Arduino, king of Italy in the medieval period. The name of this monarch is the same that can be admired on the panelled ceilings that decorate the interiors, with paintings and animal figures. Inside the castle, next to the internal courtyard, there is a small chapel, that was built contemporary to the original building.

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