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Galgenen has grown by 2.2% over the past 3 years, to 5,342 inhabitants.


The average annual income is CHF 88,930. 14.79% of the population hold a university degree, 19.15% have a higher vocational education qualification, 45.38% of the population have a school-leaving certificate or finished a vocational apprenticeship and 20.66% of residents are enrolled in compulsory schooling. Consequently, this is an area with high social standards and an educated population. The overall unemployment rate is 0.34%.


Overall, the rate of taxation in the region is 7.5%. The individual proportion of tax actually paid will vary and is determined by aspects including actual income, marital status, the overall level of deductions and the like. The tax percentage for a single person with no children in Galgenen is 10.47%. A married couple on a pension (over 65) pays an average of 9.94%, a couple with two children 4.32% and a couple without children 6.51%.

The property market overall

New builds

Over the last 5 years, 93 new apartments have been built in Galgenen. Of these new apartments, a total of 2 apartments have exactly one room to live in. 31 of the newly built apartments are also 2-room apartments. 19 new apartments with 3 rooms and 25 apartments with 4 rooms were additionally constructed in the region. Investments were also made in more spacious accommodation: 10 5-room apartments were created, providing plenty of room for families; 6 apartments with a minimum of 6 rooms were also constructed.

Housing stock

Thanks to new construction, the housing stock in Galgenen has increased, and there are now a total of 2,524 apartments. The number of 1-room apartments is 73. In addition, there are 264 apartments with 2 rooms, 569 apartments with 3 rooms and 793 apartments with 4 rooms. A total of 554 5-room apartments and 271 spacious apartments with 6 or more rooms are also available on the market.

Unoccupied apartments

In Galgenen, 0.2% of apartments are vacant. Of this total, 0.18% of 3-room apartments, 0.25% of the apartments with 4 rooms and 0.36% of 5-room apartments are empty. Apartments with 6 rooms have a vacancy rate of 0.24%.

Housing market (rental only)

The average rent for a property is CHF 1,850. 25% of the rents on offer are less than or equivalent to a monthly rent of CHF 1,549 (25th percentile). And 75% of monthly rents are cheaper than or equal to CHF 2,170 (75th percentile).