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The population of Val Müstair has decreased by 0.84% over the last 3 years, to 1,425 inhabitants.

Population statistics

Average income is CHF 56,665. 13.1% of residents have a university degree, 16.26% have completed higher vocational education and 48.78% have an SEK II qualification. Additionally, 21.86% of residents are currently in school. This means the area has high social standards and an educated population. 0.35% of the population is presently unemployed.


The residential region has an overall tax burden of 12.45%. The actual share of tax paid varies from person to person and is based on aspects such as current income, marital status, the overall level of deductions and the like. In Val Müstair, the rate of taxation for childless, single individuals is 18%. A retired, married couple (over 65) pays an average of 15.87%, a couple with two children 7.8% and a couple with no children 11.16%.

The property market in general

New construction

The housing stock in Val Müstair has increased by 11 apartments over the past 5 years. 2 of the new apartments are 3-room apartments, and 4 apartments have 4 rooms. Additionally, there are 2 5-room apartments and 3 apartments with at least 6 rooms available. The many large apartments in Val Müstair are evidence that this location is very desirable for families.

Housing stock

The new buildings have contributed to an additional increase in the housing supply, and there are now 1,324 apartments in Val Müstair. The number of 1-room apartments in the total housing stock is 111. In addition, there are 155 apartments with 2 rooms, 262 apartments with 3 rooms and 324 apartments with a full 4 rooms. In total, there are 263 5-room apartments and 209 large apartments with 6 or more rooms.

Empty apartments

1.05% of apartments in Val Müstair are vacant. Consequently, 0.96% of the 1-room apartments, 0.81% of the 3-room apartments, 0.33% of apartments with 4 rooms and 0.41% of the 5-room apartments are currently empty. The vacancy rate for apartments with more than 5 rooms is 2.04%; 4.08% of those unoccupied properties are apartments with at least 6 rooms.

Property market (rental only)

Rental properties are offered at an average rent of CHF 1,100 per month. A quarter of rents are less than or equal to a monthly rent of CHF 980 (25th percentile). The 75th percentile of monthly rents is CHF 1,485.