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CHF 990.– / month
1 room
Rue de la Maltière 9, 2800 Delémont

Grand espace de stockage au centre-ville

Situé au coeur de Delémont, nous vous proposons à la location une spacieuse surface de stockage de 105 m2 au 3ème étage sans ascenseur.Vous avez la possibilité de l'utiliser soit comme entrepôt, garde-meubles ou atelier.N'hésitez pas à nous contacter pour plus de renseignements ! Accessibilité : Delémont se trouvant en voiture à : - 20 minutes de Porrentruy- 40 minutes de la Gare TGV à Belfort- 35 minutes de Bienne- 55 minutes de Bâle- 1h10 de Neuchâtel- 1h55 de LausanneIm Herzen von Delémont gelegen, bieten wir Ihnen eine geräumige Lagerfläche von 105 m2 im 3. Stock ohne Aufzug zur Miete an.Sie haben die Möglichkeit, diese entweder als Lagerraum, Möbellager oder Werkstatt zu nutzen.Zögern Sie nicht, uns für weitere Informationen zu kontaktieren! Erreichbarkeit: Delémont befindet sich mit dem Auto in : - 20 Minuten von Porrentruy- 40 Minuten vom TGV-Bahnhof in Belfort- 35 Minuten von Biel- 55 Minuten von Basel- 1 Stunde 10 Minuten von Neuchâtel- 1 Stunde 55 Minuten von LausanneLocated in the heart of Delémont, we offer for rent a spacious 105 m2 storage area on the 3rd floor without elevator.You have the option of using it either as a warehouse, furniture storage or workshop.Do not hesitate to contact us for more information! Accessibility: Delémont can be reached by car from : - 20 minutes from Porrentruy- 40 minutes from Belfort TGV station- 35 minutes from Biel- 55 minutes from Basel- 1h10 from Neuchâtel- 1h55 from Lausanne<span id="hg_acw_request_data" aria-hidden="true" style="opacity:0"> 0x53d3d 0y16c57d24 0x2cxd3x75xc5</span>

Additional information


The population of Mervelier has decreased by 0.19% in the last 3 years, to 522 inhabitants.

Population statistics

Average income is CHF 57,395.

The proportion of university graduates is 14.05%; 10.19% of residents have higher vocational education, and 52.07% have SEK II qualifications. In addition, 23.69% of residents are currently in compulsory schooling.

According to the data, this is a region with high social standards and an educated population.

Currently, 1.34% of the population is unemployed.


14.87% is the tax burden in the region. However, the individual amount of tax paid differs from person to person and is based on income, marital status and the overall level of deductions, among other factors.

The average rate of taxation for an unmarried person without children in Mervelier is 20.28%. A married couple on a pension (over 65) pays an average of 18.72%, a couple with two children 10.34% and a childless couple 13.3%%.

The property market in general

New buildings

The housing stock in Mervelier has grown by 17 apartments over the past 5 years.

2 of the new apartments have 2 rooms.

Living space for families has also been built: For example, 2 apartments with 3 rooms and 2 4-room apartments were added to the local housing stock.

The number of new apartments amounts to 7 5-room apartments and 4 apartments with at least 6 rooms.

Housing stock

Mervelier now has a total of 263 apartments, following further growth in the pool of local housing as a result of new construction.

There are 2 1-room apartments available on the housing market.

The number of apartments with 2, 3 and 4 rooms is 30, 71 and 78 respectively.

In total, there are 78 5-room apartments and 66 large apartments with 6 or more rooms.

Vacant apartments

There is a 1.53% vacancy rate in Mervelier.

For instance, 6.67% of all 3-room apartments and

1.28% of apartments with 5 rooms are presently uninhabited.

The vacancy rate is 1.4% for apartments with more than 5 rooms and 1.52% for apartments with more than 6 rooms.

Housing market (letting only)

An average of CHF 1,100 is required to rent a property.

In terms of the rents on the market, a quarter of them are equivalent to or lower than a monthly rent of CHF 987.

75% of monthly rents are less than CHF 1,200 (75th percentile), or they are equal to this average price.