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Zell (ZH) has grown by 3.05% in the last 3 years and now has 6,491 inhabitants.

Population statistics

On average, people earn CHF 69,000 per year.

10.24% of the population have a university degree, 15.11% have a higher vocational education qualification, 50.64% have an SEK II qualification (school-leaving certificate or apprenticeship), 24.01% are enrolled in compulsory schooling and 0.02% of the population did not indicate their highest educational qualification.

This means the residential area has high social standards and an educated population.

The unemployment rate is currently 0.94%.


10.95% is the tax percentage in the region. However, the individual tax burden varies from person to person and depends on income, marital status and the amount of deductions, among other factors.

The tax rate for a single person without children in Zell (ZH) is 15.4%. On average, a married couple on a pension (over 65) pays 14.4% tax, a couple with two children 6.85% and a couple without children 10.04%%.

The property market overall

New construction

More living space has been created in Zell (ZH) over the past 5 years. For example, 295 new apartments have been built.

The 4 1-bedroom apartments are perfect for people living alone.

58 of the newly built apartments are also 2-room apartments.

109 apartments with 3 rooms and 92 4-room apartments were also constructed.

The housing stock available in the area was also expanded to include 18 5-room apartments and 14 apartments with at least 6 rooms.

Housing stock

Newly built dwellings have additionally increased the housing supply in the region, so that there are now a total of 3,031 apartments in Zell (ZH).

The overall number of 1-room apartments is 98.

Additionally, there are 320 apartments with 2 rooms, 760 apartments with 3 rooms and 902 apartments with a full 4 rooms.

A total of 692 5-room apartments and 259 spacious apartments with a minimum of 6 rooms are also available on the market.

Empty apartments

There is a 0.27% vacancy rate in Zell (ZH).

Consequently, 1.03% of the 1-room apartments,

0.53% of the apartments with 3 rooms,

0.11% of 4-room apartments

and 0.15% of all 5-room apartments are presently unoccupied.

The vacancy rate is 0.21% for apartments with more than 5 rooms and 0.39% for apartments with more than 6 rooms.

Property market (rental only)

An average of CHF 1,690 is required to rent a property.

A quarter of all rents on offer are lower than or equivalent to a monthly rent of CHF 1,430 (25th percentile).

The 75th percentile of monthly rents is CHF 1,970.