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The number of inhabitants in Oberegg has risen to 1,928 in the past 3 years. This amounts to an increase of 2.06%.

Population data

The average yearly income level is CHF 66,870.

13.9% of the population are university graduates, 18.07% have a higher vocational training qualification, 47.02% have an SEK II qualification (school-leaving certificate or apprenticeship) and 20.96% are currently completing compulsory education.

Consequently, this is an area with high social standards and an educated population.

The unemployment rate is 0.31%.


11.41% is the tax percentage in the region. However, the individual amount of tax paid varies from person to person and depends on income, marital status and the overall level of deductions, among other factors.

In Oberegg, the rate of taxation for single people without children is 15.02%. A retired, married couple (over 65) pays an average of 14.55%, a married couple with two children 8.09% and a couple without children 10.51%%.

The property market overall

New builds

Over the last 5 years, 42 apartments have been constructed in Oberegg.

Of these new apartments, a total of 2 apartments have exactly one room to live in.

5 of the newly constructed apartments are also 2-room apartments.

In addition, 18 3-room apartments and 7 4-room apartments have been added to the pool of housing available locally in recent years.

3 apartments with 5 rooms and 7 apartments with a minimum of 6 rooms have been added to the supply on the housing market.

Housing stock

The new buildings are helping to ensure the continued growth of the region's housing stock, which totals 1,038 apartments in Oberegg.

In terms of 1-room apartments, a total of 22 properties are on the market.

In addition, there are 107 apartments with 2 rooms, 146 apartments with 3 rooms and 213 apartments with 4 rooms.

The 5-room apartments also make up a total of 222 properties, while the apartments with a minimum of 6 rooms account for 328.

Empty apartments

0.98% of apartments in Oberegg are empty.

This means that 13.64% of the 1-room apartments,

1.9% of the apartments with 2 rooms,

1.39% of the 3-room apartments,

0.48% of the apartments with 4 rooms

and 0.46% of apartments with 5 rooms are presently vacant.

The vacancy rate for apartments with more than 5 rooms is 0.37%; 0.31% of those unoccupied properties are apartments with at least 6 rooms.

Property market (rental only)

The average rent for rental flats is CHF 1,110 per month.

A quarter of rents are cheaper than or equivalent to a monthly rent of CHF 885 (25th percentile).

75% of monthly rents are lower than CHF 1,460 (75th percentile), or they are equal to this average price.