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The number of inhabitants in Saignelégier has fallen by 2.17%, to 2,575, in the past 3 years as a result of population decline.

Population data

Average income totals CHF 58,875.

Of the population, 13.66% have a university degree, 9.41% have completed higher vocational training, 51.06% have an SEK II qualification (school-leaving certificate or apprenticeship) and 25.87% of residents are currently completing compulsory schooling.

Consequently, this is a region with high social standards and an educated population.

Approximately 1.24% of the population is presently unemployed.


The tax burden in the area is 14.99%. Income, marital status and deductions are among the aspects that impact the actual tax burden.

In Saignelégier, the tax percentage is 20.45% for a childless, unmarried person. On average, a retired couple (over 65) pay 18.87%, a married couple with two children 10.43% and a couple with no children 13.41%%.

The overall property market

New builds

Over the last 5 years, 75 apartments have been created in Saignelégier.

The number of new-build 2-room apartments amounts to 20 residential units.

10 new apartments with 3 rooms and 21 apartments with 4 rooms were also built in the area.

In addition, there are 18 5-room apartments and 6 apartments with at least 6 rooms available.

Housing stock

The new builds provide additional living space in the region. There are a total of 1,469 apartments in Saignelégier.

One-room properties make up a total of 58 apartments in the region.

In addition, there are 186 apartments with 2 rooms, 315 apartments with 3 rooms and 422 apartments with a full 4 rooms.

There are 282 5-room apartments and 206 large apartments with 6 or more rooms.

Unoccupied apartments

1.17% of apartments in Saignelégier are uninhabited.

Of this figure, 3.45% of 1-room apartments,

2.16% of the apartments with 2 rooms,

0.64% of all 3-room apartments,

1.19% of the apartments with 4 rooms

and 1.07% of 5-room apartments are vacant.

The vacancy rate for apartments with more than 5 rooms is 0.82%; 0.49% of those empty properties are apartments with at least 6 rooms.

Property market (letting only)

An average of CHF 1,050 is required to rent a flat.

A quarter of rents are less than or equal to a monthly rent of CHF 846 (25th percentile).

And 75% of monthly rents are cheaper than or equivalent to CHF 1,224 (75th percentile).