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Haldenstrasse 57, 6006 Luzern

TIVOLI HOUSE In Lucerne, one of the most beautiful cities in Switzerland, surrounded by the breathtaking Alpine mountains, stands an elegant residential complex "Tivoli" (at Haldenstrasse 57, 6006.)The house is located on the first line of the southern shore of the lake. On clear days this provides an excellent opportunity to admire both the beauty of the Alpine slopes, which descend to the lake, and a reflection of the blue sky in the clear water. The talented German architect Hans Kollhoff, who built the Tivoli house in 2008, skillfully combined the beauty of the surrounding nature, the location of the house, the proposed comfort and style with the breathtaking panoramic view of the Swiss Alps, which are captivating any time of the year.It only takes a 15 minute walk, along the beautiful Lucerne lake's promenade, to reach both the city centre, and the railway station. The convenience of Lucerne railway station is pleasantly surprising.Comfortable trains go to a variety of different destinations such as European fashion and shopping centres, for example Paris and Milan, together with other cities known for their history, beauty and elegance. There are hourly trains to Bern, the capital of Switzerland or to Geneva which is the centre of the French-speaking part of Switzerland. Trains also depart every half hour to the world centre of finance and banking – Zurich.Lucerne has a favourable geographical position. It is 544 km from there to the Principality of Monaco, 245 km to Milan and 50 km to Zurich. Luxury ski resorts are also nearby: Courchevel - 445 km, St. Moritz - 225 km, Zermatt - 177 km, Davos - 171 km, Gstaad - 138 km, Engelberg - 34 km.Zurich International Airport (Kloten) is a 45-minute drive from Lucerne. Small airports for private planes and helicopters (Buoches and Emmen) are within a 20-minute drive.The exclusive structure of "Tivoli" reflects perfectionism in everything - a convenient location, thoughtfulness in the smallest details, German functionality and, of course, Swiss quality. On the complex there is a five-storey house with underground parking, a picturesque courtyard with a cascading waterfall and an exquisitely decorated garden at the main entrance to the house. Directly in front of the house there is a tennis club with open courts and a cozy cafe, as well as mooring for sailing and motor boats.In addition to the living space in the house, there is a public lobby, which turns into a spacious hall, as well as a concierge office. The concierge maintains an orderly house and carries out household tasks for residents.Spacious parking, a swimming pool and sauna, non-residential hobby rooms, separate storage rooms, a complex of individual wine cellars, a specially equipped room for drying clothes, a bomb shelter, and a room for sorting household waste all create a special, seemingly inconspicuous but important, top class level of comfort.All public spaces and facades have high-quality modern decor made of precious wood, natural stone, metal and/or glass.

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