10 things to do when you move in


If you do these 10 things as soon as you move, you will soon feel settled in your new place. Our tips for moving.

10 things to do when you move in

Moving is a big deal: signing a lease, arranging the handover with the landlord, packing boxes and unpacking them again. After all that effort, you want to settle in as soon as you can. 

Our checklist includes 10 things you should deal with right away to turn your new place into the perfect home as soon as you can.

10 things to do when you move in

Tip 1: Put your furniture in the right place

As your new home is a new space, you will not want to set it up exactly the same way. Take time in advance to plan how to furnish your new home and decide where key pieces of furniture such as the sofa, bed, cupboard and dining table will go. Consider the layout of your new home, too. The living room might make a better bedroom, or the bedroom might be better suited as a child’s room.

10 things to do when you move in

Tip 2: Choose furniture for the bathroom

When moving house, the bathroom often gets lost in the shuffle. Weeks before you move, you already know what you have in your bathroom and which furniture you still need.

Perhaps you could do with a small set of shelves, a cabinet under the basin or a stool to sit on. If you plan these things in advance, the bathroom is ready and set up when you move in and you can start using it properly immediately. Otherwise, you might be using bath products out of a box or showering without a curtain for months.

10 things to do when you move in
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Tip 3: Put practical solutions in place straight away

As soon as you move in, find sensible solutions for things such as the washing machine, where to put shoes, or the right set-up for the coat rack. These are weak points in many homes because they are often pushed to one side for too long. Over time, it becomes normal that the hallway is constantly cluttered with shoes and coats and the washing machine is hanging around in the bathroom without the right shelf.

10 things to do when you move in

Tip 4: First up, put curtains up

A home without curtains looks bare and unwelcoming. No more so than when you have just moved in. Even if it’s tricky, get it done right away: put up curtain rods and have the right curtains made. 

You can buy ready-made curtains of course, but these do not always fit the windows in your home. If you have a knack for sewing, you can alter them yourself. There are also businesses offering alteration services. 

Smartly dressed windows make your new home look stylish and cosy right away – as if you have lived there for a long time. 

10 things to do when you move in

Tip 5: Adapt old furniture to suit your new place

Often your old furniture does not quite fit in your new space. The ceilings might be different heights or the rooms might be bigger or smaller. Before you move in, plan how you can adapt your furniture.

For instance, additions and attachments are available for some furniture systems. Maybe two sets of shelves that were previously placed next to each other look better on top of each other.

10 things to do when you move in

Tip 6: Create a welcoming hallway

When you get home, the hall is the first place you see. Make it as inviting as possible right away. If this space exudes peace and harmony, it will feel welcoming to you and your guests.

Important features that make a hallway look inviting include a place to put your phone, keys and odds and ends, a place to hang your coat or jacket, lighting and a mirror that makes the space seem bigger. Flowers and plants also make a space friendly and inviting.

10 things to do when you move in

Tip 7: Time to get the bed of your dreams

Moving is also a good opportunity to upgrade your furniture game. Take advantage of the change to finally get the big luxurious bed you have always dreamed of. 

If you're still happy with your old bed, take a look at your bedding before you move: mattresses, duvets and pillows definitely have a shelf-life. They need to be washed regularly and replaced from time to time. Moving house is a perfect opportunity. Another bigger acquisition could be a sofa, shelves or a dining table.

Our moving tip: plan and purchase bigger pieces of furniture a couple of weeks in advance and have them delivered straight to your new place.

10 things to do when you move in

Tip 8: Handy storage containers for the kitchen

Use moving as an opportunity to deal with a few organisational issues. New storage containers with a matching design will help keep your new kitchen shelves tidy in style from the start. The same goes for documents, clothes and smaller items. Baskets or boxes can take care of these.

10 things to do when you move in

Tip 9: Decorate the kids’ room

Have you made your kids some promises for your new home? Then stick to them straight away: paint the walls their favourite colour, hang the canopy above the bed, put up light strings or set up a cool little play corner.

These little personal touches also help ease any uncertainty children might feel about the move. Depending on how old they are, they can help you decorate, too. This gives them a sense of pride and makes them feel at home more quickly.


10 things to do when you move in

Tip 10: Conquer your outdoor domain

Our last tip for moving takes us outside: many homes have access to a garden or balcony. Even if it’s cold and grey on moving day, it’s worth quickly taking charge of your outdoor space. 

Get a few plants, put out garden furniture and make sure everything looks clean, tidy and smart. Then you can enjoy breakfast outside or a toast to your new home at the first sign of good weather.