Moving companies

There are countless moval companies who offer their services. Which of them are reputable? What must you watch out for when reviewing quotations from moving companies? Get multiple quotations from moving companies in your region. You can find their addresses in our register of moving company partners. Some moving companies offer services which go beyond simply transporting your goods such as, for instance, packing your belongings and the assembly of furniture. That's why the more exact you are in providing information, the more exact will be the quotations. Among the most important data are:

  • moving date
  • size of the apartment
  • old and new address, including which storey
  • is there a lift?
  • are parking places nearby? must you perhaps block off a parking area?

Furthermore, it's usual to have a no-charge, no-obligation on-site inspection.

Compare quotes

Beware of quotations which come in significantly lower than all the others. The less-expensive companies might be using untrained personnel and vehicles in poor condition. An important point when comparing quotations is to check the estimated number of hours needed for the move. If a company expects an unreasonably low number of hours, under certain conditions the final bill could end up being somewhat higher.

Set price or per-hour

Basically, you can choose between a per-hour price, a set price (all-inclusive) and a per-hour price with a cost ceiling. A cost ceiling specifies the maximum number of hours for which you must pay. If the move takes less time, you pay only the actual hours worked; if the move takes longer, you pay only as much as the cost ceiling given in the quotation. Also be sure to check which items could additionally be charged such as VAT or fuel surcharges.


If you pack boxes yourself but have them transported by the removal company, you're responsible for all liability. Certain valuables such as, for instance a computer, are generally not insured even if the removal company does the packing and transport. Also pay attention to the liability limits (generally CHF 500 per m3). If this isn't sufficient, you should take out supplementary transport insurance.


Moving help

Enjoy a more relaxed relocation. Get a free moving and cleaning quote.

Debt collection excerpt

Get a debt collection statement in a few days for the exclusive price of CHF 29.00.

My new home with children

Turn your move into an experience to be shared. Create your own personal children’s book that kids can draw in and illustrate themselves.