Looking for an apartment without a job and v. v.?

Finding a new apartment without a job turns out to be a nightmare for many people. But is it possible not to be ignored by real estate providers without having a regulated income? And vice versa, what does the job search look like without shelter? Living conditions can change and the reasons for a search are as different as the demands on a new home or employment. Nevertheless, the job and housing search have some things in common - virtues.

Important virtues in the job and apartment search

A successful home search is not just a matter of financial security and luck. Therefore, be aware of some behavioral tips, which are explained briefly below.

Self-marketing - Honesty imparts the most

Proper appearance is more decisive than most other criteria! Make a sympathetic and obliging appearance. Show your future perspectives and give the other person the feeling of not having to worry. If you are looking for a job, mention this at the apartment inspection in any case! If you are in the cancellation period, then show your career options. Convince with honesty and confident appearance!

  • Tip for finding an apartment: Concentrate your real estate search on private offers. Did you know that private landlords always give their property to prospective tenants whom they like? Here you also can find 10 tips to success.
  • Tip for the job search: Emphasize your strengths in the application documents. Even when designing the curriculum vitae, you can point out your strengths and use them as a positive message. During the interview, you do not need to provide information that has no direct connection to your personal or professional qualifications.

Inquiries can be worthwhile

Submit your application documents as soon as possible and turn up for your appointments, so you will show yourself to be reliable and responsible. If given a deadline by when the decision will be made, you should wait until then to contact the responsible person for an answer. Do not be intrusive, but emphasize your interest.

  • Tip for finding an apartment: Be patient. Often it is worthwhile to attach a photo to the application letter, so the landlord already receives a first impression of you. If an inspection appointment is offered to you, then accept even if it is short-term! Discover our tips for the application dossier here.
  • Tip for the job search: Be a step ahead of your competitors. Did you know that most job advertisements are published on Friday?

Extendedsocial network

Use contacts in your circle of friends and acquaintances. Vitamin B can be beneficial. Find out from your friends, whether acquaintances are moving or if there will be a vacancy. You have to approach people! The more you give, the more you receive.

  • Tip for finding an apartment: A guarantee possibly can help reduce the landlord’s concerns. Ask your parents or close friends for the guarantee. There is also the opportunity to stick together in solidarity. In this case, there is no need for a separate guarantee, the joint signature in the lease is sufficient.
  • Tip for the job search: Use your network and share your job situation. You will also receive financial and practical support from the RAV.

Stay on the ball

Do not be discouraged by a no! See it as an exercise to strengthen your self-esteem. With each new conversation you improve your communication and presentation skills.

  • Tip for finding an apartment: Some residential areas are more expensive than others; get information about regions that are realistic for your budget. According to the Zurich statistical office, there are a greater number of empty apartments in 2018, especially in small and medium-sized municipalities.
  • Tip for the job search: Do not always rely on the date of a job application’s first publication. Old job advertisements often also exist where multiple jobs are being recruited. In addition to online advertisements on search engines, you should check directly on the company’s website whether a position has been deleted. If not, then apply for the listing!

The most important thing in brief: Do not give up, be sincere and responsible!

Without work, no money and no money, no home seems to be a vicious circle. But try to stay calm and take things step by step. Be honest with yourself as well. If you finally have a job in view, the possibility of a shelter will be clarified more quickly. There is no prohibition that the landlord may not rent an apartment. After all, everything is a matter of negotiation and timing. Therefore, allow enough time for the job and apartment search.