Clarify your needs

Put your needs and expectations on record before looking for your new home.

Checklist of needs

After all, you wish to feel at home in the new property and don't want to have to move again straight away. With this in mind, invest some time and draw up a personal checklist with criteria that are important to you.

Basic issues

Most importantly, you should ask yourself fundamental questions about what you expect of the new home / apartment:

  • What type of home would you prefer (maisonette / duplex apartment, penthouse, semi-detached house, etc.)?
  • What floor space do you need?
  • What standard of interior completion work should your new rented apartment have (internal infrastructure)?
  • What surroundings would you like (balcony, garden, patio / terrace, etc.)?
  • Which towns or villages would you consider? What else about the location is important to you, e.g. view, traffic connection, distance from place of work, etc.)?
  • What would you like to pay or can you afford?

In order that you have a reminder of the most important things, you could print out the PDF checklist on the right.

By clarifying your needs in this way, you will have taken the first step towards a new rented home. On the following pages, you will find words of advice on the next steps towards your new home.