Viewing a property

In order that you can take action quickly if a home appeals to you, you should, before viewing it, organize a debt collection excerpt (obtainable on request from town hall), a copy of the employment contract or an up-to-the-minute salary statement and a list of references.

Pay attention to pros and cons

Look over the property when the light is good and ask yourself what its pros and cons are from your point of view.

Checklist for viewing a property

To enable you to keep in mind the many impressions you gained of the property after viewing it and to make a comparison with other properties for rent, a checklist like the one below-mentioned can be used. On it, you can record the most important details concerning the property.

Checklist for viewing​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


Details of the mentioned kind can, for example, serve to rate the prospective place of residence and residential environment, the property itself and the rent. Afterwards, give the property for rent an overall rating.


After the viewing, run through your notes again and weigh up once more in your mind all pros and cons of the viewed properties. Compare them all and evaluate the property that comes closest to your search profile. To this end, you can fall back once again on the checklist for clarifying your needs.