Looking for a home

Now that you have a clear vision, you can go ahead with the search for a home. If you exploit the search possibilities at homegate.ch, you will find the desired home more easily.

Searching at homegate.ch

At homegate.ch, you can select the desired search area using the provided map of Switzerland and then narrow down the search by entering the number of rooms, rent, floor space (in m²), town or village, type of property and moving-in date. A list of properties will appear in which you can review the adverts in detail. You have the option of consulting the site map and of getting in touch with the person renting the property.

Search subscription

Whoever finds the search too time consuming, can fall back on the free Search subscription at homegate.ch. In this case, you only have to save your search profile and activate the search subscription to receive the latest hits by email each day. Thus, you are always kept up to date should a newly advertised home for rent meet your criteria and you can then take action quickly.

Ask your own home owner or landlord

As another way of searching for a home, you can use your connections with the owner or landlord of your current home. Tell him that you are interested in finding another home. You might be given preferential treatment when the next home becomes available.

New flat in five steps