Construction alternatives

You can have your own home built or buy one ready to move in. Depending on which alternative you chose, you can get involved to various degrees and invest more or less of your own time. In addition, there are less expensive and more expensive options.

General contractor

A general contractor takes over all the tasks associated with the contracting and dealing with subcontractors and craftsmen as agreed in the contract. These tasks can encompass the entire project management, approval and construction process or even constitute a turnkey project at a guaranteed fixed price. Depending on your choice, you can build a more-or-less individualised home and invest a little or a lot of your time during its construction.

Architect-designed house

Here an architect constructs the house to the exact wishes of the owner. This alternative requires a relatively high investment in your time because all the details concerning the exterior and interior construction must be worked out together. The architects' compensation is set as a per cent of the overall construction costs.

Turnkey home

This alternative can be obtained on an exact deadline. Requests for special interior construction can be included to a limited extent at additional cost. After signing the purchase contract up until you move in, there's nothing more for the owner to do. The purchase price, including the land, is established by the construction company.

Ready-built house​​​​​​​

A ready-built house comes out of a construction company's catalogue, and it can be built and moved into quickly. The fixed purchase price, however, covers only the basic configuration.

Pre-owned property​​​​​​​

A pre-owned home often has a good location and is generally less expensive than a new one. However, be sure to carefully and thoroughly clarify the need for additional investments (e.g. heating, insulation).

Property types