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Hochfelden has grown by 0.35% in the last 3 years and now has 1,989 inhabitants.

Demographic data

The average income here is CHF 82,755. 13.46% of residents hold a university degree, 25.11% have completed higher vocational education and 49.28% have an SEK II qualification. Additionally, 12.16% of residents are currently enrolled in school. Currently, 0.7% of the population is unemployed.


The tax rate for the residential region is 10.9%. It differs from person to person and is based on aspects including actual income, marital status and the total amount of deductions. Married couples on a pension (over 65) pay an average of 14.19% tax in Hochfelden, married couples with two children 6.74% and married couples without children 9.9%. The rate of taxation for an unmarried person without children is 15.25%.

The property market in general

New construction

Hochfelden has recorded the construction of 25 new apartments over the past 5 years. Of these newly constructed apartments, 0 are 1-room apartments, 2 are 2-room apartments, 7 apartments with 3 rooms, 10 4-room apartments, 4 5-room apartments, and 2 apartments with at least 6 rooms.

Housing stock

As a result of new construction, the amount of housing available in Hochfelden has increased, and there are now a total of 885 apartments. One-room properties account for a total of 29 apartments in the region. What's more, there are 91 apartments with 2 rooms, 167 apartments with 3 rooms, 287 apartments with 4 rooms, 217 apartments with 5 rooms, and 94 apartments with 6 rooms or more.

Empty apartments

There is a 0.68% vacancy rate in Hochfelden. Of this total, 0% of the one-room apartments, 2.2% of the apartments with 2 rooms, 0.6% of all 3-room apartments, 0.7% of the apartments with 4 rooms, 0.46% of 5-room apartments, and 0% of apartments with 6 rooms are presently empty.

Housing market (rental only)

Rent prices for rental properties average CHF 1,690 per month. Consequently, 25% of all rents on the market are cheaper than or equivalent to a monthly rent of CHF 1,422 (25th percentile). In addition, 75% of all monthly rents are less than or equal to CHF 1,990.