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The number of inhabitants in Reutigen has risen to 1,033 over the past 3 years. This is equivalent to an increase of 3.3%.

Demographic data

Average income totals CHF 60,295.

6.59% of the population hold a university degree, 22.27% have a higher vocational education qualification, 55% of the population have a school-leaving certificate or finished a vocational apprenticeship and 16.14% of residents are enrolled in compulsory schooling.

The total unemployment rate is 0.48%.


The area has an overall tax percentage of 15.73%. The actual percentage of tax paid varies from person to person and is based on factors including current income, marital status, the amount of deductions and so on.

In Reutigen, childless, unmarried people pay an average of 20.51% tax, a married couple on a pension pays 19.81%, a married couple with two children pays 11.06% and a couple without children pays 15.15%.

The property market overall

New construction

With a total of 9 apartments, more living space has been created in Reutigen over the last 5 years.

5 apartments with 4 rooms were constructed.

Additionally, 4 5-room apartments were added to the region's housing stock.

Housing stock

Reutigen now has a total of 517 apartments, following additional growth in the housing stock as a result of the construction of new dwellings.

There are 15 1-room apartments on the housing market.

In terms of medium-sized to large apartments, the housing supply comprises 134 apartments with 2 rooms, 156 3-room apartments and 124 with 4 rooms.

Finally, 124 5-room apartments and 38 spacious apartments with at least 6 rooms are available in the region.

Vacant apartments

There is a 2.9% vacancy rate in Reutigen.

Of this number, 26.67% of 1-room apartments,

5.22% of all 3-room apartments,

1.92% of 4-room apartments

and 0.81% of 5-room apartments are unoccupied.

The rate of vacancy for 6-room apartments is 0.62%.

Property market (letting only)

Rental properties are available at average rental prices of about CHF 1,390 per month.

This means that 25% of all rents on offer are lower than or equal to a monthly rent of CHF 1,200 (25th percentile).

Monthly rents are lower than CHF 1,750 (75th percentile), or they are equivalent to this average price.