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The number of residents in Misery-Courtion has grown by 9.69% in the last 3 years, to 2,321 inhabitants.

Population statistics

Average income totals CHF 65,645.

13.87% of the population hold a university degree, 10.24% have a higher vocational education qualification, 43% of the population have a school-leaving certificate or finished a vocational apprenticeship and 32.95% of residents are completing compulsory schooling.

The region is characterised by high social standards and an educated population.

1.38% of the population is currently unemployed.


The overall rate of taxation is 14.61%. This differs on an individual basis and is based on income, marital status and the total amount of deductions, among other factors.

Retired, married couples (over 65) pay an average of 18.29% tax in Misery-Courtion, couples with two children 10.06% and childless married couples 13.67%%. The tax burden for an unmarried person with no children is 20.29%.

The overall property market

New construction

With a total of 160 apartments, more living space has been built in Misery-Courtion over the past 5 years.

Of these new builds, a total of 6 apartments have exactly one room to live in.

There are also a total of 31 new 2-room apartments.

50 new apartments with 3 rooms and 54 apartments with 4 rooms were also constructed in the area.

The pool of available housing was also expanded to include 13 5-room apartments and 6 apartments with a minimum of 6 rooms.

Housing stock

Misery-Courtion now has a total of 1,028 apartments, following further growth in the pool of local housing as a result of new construction.

There are 46 1-room apartments available on the housing market.

In terms of medium-sized to large apartments, the housing supply comprises 223 apartments with 2 rooms, 312 3-room apartments and 210 with 4 rooms.

The 5-room apartments also comprise a total of 210 properties, while the apartments with at least 6 rooms account for 90.

Unoccupied apartments

There is a 3.79% vacancy rate in Misery-Courtion.

Of this figure, 6.52% of 1-room apartments,

4.76% of apartments with 2 rooms,

5.83% of apartments with 3 rooms,

2.88% of 4-room apartments

and 2.86% of 5-room apartments are vacant.

The vacancy rate is 2.33% for apartments with more than 5 rooms and 1.11% for apartments with more than 6 rooms.

Housing market (letting only)

Rental properties are offered at an average price of CHF 1,400 per month.

Consequently, 25% of all available rents are lower than or equivalent to a monthly rent of CHF 1,170 (25th percentile).

Finally, 75% of monthly rents are less than CHF 1,647, or are equal to this amount.