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Price on request
Unterdorfstrasse 6, 8114 Dänikon

Grosse Bauparzelle im Herzen von Dänikon / ZH…

Hier in Dänikon, einer ruhigen und ländlichen Gemeinde im zürcherischen Furttal, verkaufen wir eine Landparzelle mitten im Dorf in der Kernzone.Dänikon ist der ideale Ausgangsort für Wohnen auf dem Lande und trotzdem sehr nahe von der Stadt Zürich, Baden und Spreitenbach.Hier geniesst man noch das typische Landleben, grüsst und respektiert sich gegenseitig, also perfekt, um hier zu wohnen und die Kinder in einem geschützten Umfeld gross werden zu lassen. Die Unterstufe liegt zwischen Dänikon und Hüttikon, die Oberstufe bis zur 3. Sek wird in der benachbarten Gemeinde Otelfingen besucht.Die Strassen Verbindung sind ideal. So gelangen Sie in wenigen Minuten auf die A1 beim Katzensee, oder aber auch via Wettingen und dies, ohne den stets staubelasteten Gubrist zu benutzen.So, und nun zur Parzelle. Im Jahre 2011 wurde ein Projekt für 2 Mehrfamilienhäuser angedacht. Von der Alte Landstrasse her wäre die Einfahrt zur Tiefgarage gewesen, und geplant waren damals 2 Häuser.Die Parzelle 723 ist eben und noch nicht ab parzelliert. Auf der gleichen Parzelle steht heute ein Bauernhof, diverse Remisen plus Nebengebäude.Für den zukünftigen Eigentümer besteht ein riesiges Potential für einen Neubau von Wohnungen aber auch der Bau von Reiheneinfamilienhäuser wäre denkbar. Die Grösse der Parzelle ist verhandelbar und gerne nehmen wir Ihr schriftliches Angebot entgegen.Diverse Links:https://www.daenikon.ch/ https://www.daenikon.ch/public/upload/assets/1140/BZO%20D%C3%A4nikon%202008.pdf

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CHF 3,200,000.–
8708 Männedorf


IDEAL AS: • LAND RESERVE • FOR REFURBISHMENT • FOR A FUNCTIONAL CHANGE • FOR A CONSTRUCTIONAL CHANGE The buyer would be the only one to take profit of theINCREASE IN VALUEto be expected on the basis of the past development.IDEAL FOR: • A PROFESSIONAL BUYER • THE GUARDIAN OF HIS OWN FORTUNE In case you were attending a new position in the management of your company, asking for anINHERITANCE ADVANCEwould be highly recommended!There would be no obligation to realize a certain project or to consult a certain architect, which would not be unusual in Switzerland.A selection of architects could be recommended.The price has been fixed with professional buyers in mind.THE ESTATE: • ideal for: • villa • 2-3 generations' villa • 3 flats, one per floor • silent commerce on ground-floor, housing upstairs • high ceiling & mezzanine on 2nd floor • Take advantage of the greatest dimensions & number of floors permitted:keep the house, keep the skeleton or construct a substitutional building! • view of the Lake of Zurich (southern exposition) • view of the Alps • elevated site • estate neighbouring a public wood comprising a brooklet both protected by law • easily reached by foot • Lake of Zurich: Gold coast (the northern shore) • train station: 21 min to Zurich along the northern shore-line • commuter ferry: 10 min to the other shore Wädenswil • public ship: 78 min to Zurich • shopping facilities, post office, harbour • public, interior swimming pool • community hospital comprising an emergency room 24/7 • community 13 defibrillators & its own fire brigade elevating platform 34 metres, turning ladder • connected to the networks of public roads, electricity, freshwater, sewers, telephone • core zone of the community: Kernzone 2 Handing-over of the estate would take place nine months after the parties' signing of the purchasing contract in the notary public's office.Just as the advertisers have revealed, in the foregoing, data in the form of text and photographs, it is up to the inquirer to deliver the data listed below.The purchase of such an estate is a serious business affair. In order to avoid a waste of the advertisers' time by joke applications, all requirements listed below have to be met at the moment of inquiring. Inquiries of applicants failing to comply with the strictly formalised application procedure set up by the advertisers would not be dealt with. Writing, “I am interested in this property. Send me an exposé, information, photographs. I am visiting the premises today,” does not meet the criteria for being considered for the application procedure.Expats not resident in Switzerland are kindly asked to take the leap of moving to Switzerland before inquiring (Lex Koller).Applicants are either natural persons with their own funds or Swiss corporations with their own funds (Lex Koller).This property will be sold directly to the buyer who shall inquire by himself.Inquiries would be welcome in case of revelation of your: • first & last name • address of residence in Switzerland • telephone № • whether you are a natural person or a Swiss corporation • a detailed letter of motivation for the purchase • a detailed text introducing the inquirer and his background It is only after this data has been received and verified that the next step of the application procedure can be taken.Recent proof of the following by physical mail would bemandatory for the perambulation of the premises: • your identity • CHF 3'200'000 on your own Swiss bank account • or CHF 2'000'000 & a guaranteed income of CHF 250'000 per year • or CHF 1'000'000 & a guaranteed income of CHF 400'000 per year • or CHF 640'000 & a guaranteed income of CHF 500'000 per year • extract of the payment enforcing office's registry • criminal records • for purchase by a Swiss corporation prove: • property of Swiss citizens (Lex Koller) • power of signature • business reports of the last three years Switzerland – canton of Zurich – district of Meilen – region Pfannenstiel – community of MännedorfHomegate