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Lohn (SH) is a very attractive residential area. In the last 3 years, the number of residents has grown to 759, which is a population increase of 2.15%.

Population data

On average, people earn CHF 79,840 per year.

19.07% of residents are currently enrolled in compulsory education, 50.86% have an SEK II qualification, 13.4% have a higher vocational training qualification and 16.67% of the population hold a university degree.

The area is highly regarded due to its high social standards and educated population.

0.79% of the population is currently unemployed.


The tax rate for the residential region is 10.89%. It differs from person to person and is based on factors including current income, marital status and the amount of deductions.

Retired, married couples (over 65) pay an average of 14.24% tax in Lohn (SH), couples with two children 6.89% and childless married couples 10.25%%. The tax rate for an unmarried person with no children is 15.5%.

The overall property market

New builds

Over the past 5 years, 5 apartments have been built in Lohn (SH).

One of the new builds is a one-room apartment.

There is also a new 3-room apartment and a 4-room apartment.

The range of new apartments also includes 2 5-room apartments.

Housing stock

New builds have additionally expanded the pool of available housing in the region, so that there are now a total of 350 apartments in Lohn (SH).

There are 7 1-room apartments available on the housing market.

Additionally, there are 18 apartments with 2 rooms, 44 apartments with 3 rooms and 89 apartments with 4 rooms.

A total of 111 5-room apartments and 81 spacious apartments with a minimum of 6 rooms are also available in the area.

Unoccupied apartments

There is a 0.57% vacancy rate in Lohn (SH).

At the moment, 2.27% of the 3-room apartments are vacant.

The vacancy rate for apartments with more than 5 rooms is 0.52%; 1.23% of those empty properties are apartments with at least 6 rooms.

Property market (rental only)

On average, the rent price for rental properties is CHF 1,350 per month.

In terms of the rents on the market, a quarter of them are equivalent to or less than a monthly rent of CHF 1,130.

Finally, 75% of monthly rents are cheaper than CHF 1,800, or are equal to this amount.