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CHF 5,390,000.–
6.5 rooms 280m² living space
6405 Immensee

BLUE WAVES | Villa mit Panoramasicht & Einliegerwohnung

Das Haus BLUE WAVES bietet 180-Grad uneingeschränkte See- und Bergsicht und lässt den Traum am See wahr werden. Ein flexibler spannender Grundriss verteilt sich über zwei Etagen und bietet zusätzlich eine Möglichkeit von einer Einliegerwohnung.Das freistehende Einfamilienhaus befindet sich an der begehrtesten Lage Immensees mit 180 Grad Panoramaseesicht über den Zugersee auf Arth hin. Das Grundstück bietet alltags gute Besonnung und ist umgeben von einer schönen Gartenanlage.Beschrieb:- 180-Grad See- und Bergsicht- Grosse Gartenanlage- Ganztags Besonnung- Whirlpool im Zwischengeschoss- Cheminée- 2.5-Zimmer Einliegerwohnung mit separatem Eingang und WeitsichtAllgemein:- Keller- DoppelgarageInformation:Ein Projekt für ein Hallenbad-Anbau ist derzeit in der Bewilligungsphase. Eine entsprechende Bauprojektierung könntebei einem Kauf übernommen werden.Bei weiteren Fragen oder Interesse an einem Besichtigungstermin steht Ihnen gerne unsere Senior Real Estate Consultant Yannick R. Holliger zur Verfügung._____________________________________________________The BLUE WAVES house offers a 180-degree unrestricted lake and mountain view and let's you realise your dream of a house by the lake. A flexible and exciting floor layout is spread over two floors including a flatlet.This detached single-family house is situated in the most sought-after location in Immensee with a 180 degree panoramic view over Lake Zug towards Arth and the Alps incl. Mount Rigi. The property offers all-day sunshine and is surrounded by a beautiful garden.Description:- 180-degree lake and mountain view- Large garden- All day sun- Jacuzzi on mezzanine floor- Fireplace- 2.5-room flatlet with separate entrance and vistaGeneral:- Cellar- Double garageInformation:A building project for an indoor swimming pool has been submitted for approval and can be taken over on purchase.If you have any further questions or are interested in an appointment, please do not hesitate to contact our Senior Real Estate Consultant Yannick R. Holliger.

Additional information


For some years now, Einsiedeln has registered steady growth in the number of people living there; to be more specific, the population has risen by 1.27%, to 16,310 inhabitants.

Population data

The average income here is CHF 75,075.

Of the population, 11.48% have a university degree, 17.29% have completed higher vocational training, 48.34% have an SEK II qualification (school-leaving certificate or apprenticeship), 22.89% are currently enrolled in compulsory schooling and 0.01% of the population provided no information on their highest educational qualification.

As a result, the region has high social standards.

Approximately 0.37% of the population is presently unemployed.


The overall tax burden is 8.62%. This varies on an individual basis and is determined by income, marital status and the total amount of deductions, among other factors.

In Einsiedeln, the tax rate for single people with no children is 11.93%. A retired, married couple (over 65) pays an average of 11.23%, a couple with two children 5.43% and a couple with no children 7.88%%.

The property market overall

New builds

In the past 5 years, 553 new apartments have been built in Einsiedeln.

One-room apartments comprise 3 of the newly built apartments – ideal for singles.

The number of new-build 2-room apartments is 44.

Additionally, 165 3-room apartments and 214 4-room apartments have been constructed.

Furthermore, the number of large apartments available includes 102 5-room apartments and 25 apartments with 6 rooms or more.

Housing stock

Newly constructed dwellings have additionally expanded the housing stock in the area, so that there are now a total of 8,198 apartments in Einsiedeln.

There are 354 1-room apartments on the housing market.

The total number of properties amounts to 904 apartments with 2 rooms, 1,888 apartments with 3 rooms and 2,569 apartments with 4 rooms.

Overall, there are 1,462 5-room apartments and 1,021 large apartments with a minimum of 6 rooms.

Empty apartments

The rate of apartment vacancies in Einsiedeln is 0.33%.

This means that 0.28% of the 1-room apartments,

0.33% of the 2-room apartments,

0.27% of the apartments with 3 rooms,

0.47% of 4-room apartments

and 0.27% of 5-room apartments are empty.

Apartments with more than 5 rooms have a vacancy rate of 0.24%; of that figure, 0.2% are apartments with more than 6 rooms.

Property market (rental only)

Rental properties are offered at an average price of CHF 1,770 per month.

25% of all rents on offer are below a monthly rent of CHF 1,450, or they are equivalent to this amount (25th percentile).

Finally, 75% of monthly rents are lower than CHF 2,100, or are equal to this amount.