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CHF 790.– / month
1 room 9m² living space
Fläscherstrasse 15, 7310 Bad Ragaz

Serviced Single Zimmer ab 1. Mai

Sehr schöne Business Single Studios in ehemaligem Hotel für mtl. CHF 790.-.Zentral gelegen in der Nähe zu Einkaufsmöglichkeiten in Zentrum Bad Ragaz nahe des Taminaflusses, ganz in der Nähe des Grand Resorts Tamina Therme Bad Ragaz. Skilift Pizol und Autobahn erreichbar in 5 Minuten mit dem Auto.Ausstattung: Einzelbetten, Ledersessel, Tisch, Kleiderschrank, Safe und Minibar.Die insgesamt 3 Single-Studios verfügen über ein eigenes Lavabo. Eines auch über einen 5 m2 gedeckten Balkon. Die Grösse ist 9 m2.Geräumige und voll ausgestattete Küche kann gemeinschaftlich genutzt werden. Waschmöglichkeit vorhanden.Mietpreise ist 790.- monatlich inkl. NK. sowie 2 x monaltiche ZimmerreinigungNebenkosten inklusive beinhalten Wasser, Heizung, Strom, TV und Wireless InternetMonatweise vermietbar. Mietbeginn nach Vereinbarung.Erreichbar per Tel / Whatsapp oder SMS +41 (0)78/ 705 24 24 oder per Email.EnglishFor rent 3 new renovated Single rooms in apartment hotel.Centrally located near the Grand Resort Tamina Therme Bad Ragaz, close to the tamina river. Shopping, post office, bank and bus stop within 2 walking minutes away. 5 minutes minutes to highway and ski elevator. ,Features : flat screen TV, Single bed , leather chair, safe and minibar. All 3 single studios have their own lavabo and 1 of them also an own balcony. Size is 9 m2.equipped kitchen and bathroom with shower and separate toilette for common using. Rent - CHF 790.--per month - Utilities and roomcleaning 2 x per month includedinclude water, heating, electricity, TV and Wireless Internet.Available on request. Booking can be made conveniently online via the Internet.Minimum rental 1 month.Email or phone / Whatsapp / SMS +41 (0)78/ 705 24 24.

Additional information


The number of residents in Gossau (SG) has grown to 18,226 in the past 3 years. This amounts to an increase of 0.65%.

Population statistics

Average income is CHF 70,420.

9.35% of residents hold a university degree, 16.07% have completed higher vocational training and 49.67% have an SEK II qualification. In addition, 24.91% of residents are currently attending school.

Consequently, the residential area has high social standards.

The current unemployment rate is 0.84%.


The tax percentage in the region is 12.07%. Income, marital status and deductions are among the factors that affect the actual tax burden.

In Gossau (SG), the tax rate for unmarried people without children is 16.94%. A retired, married couple (over 65) pays an average of 15.37%, a couple with two children 7.92% and a couple without children 11.4%%.

The property market overall

New buildings

Over the last 5 years, 281 apartments have been constructed in Gossau (SG).

A further 1-room apartment was built.

There are also a total of 34 new 2-room apartments.

Housing for families has also been created: For example, 93 apartments with 3 rooms and 112 4-room apartments were added to the pool of housing available locally.

The new apartments include 29 5-room apartments and 12 apartments with 6 or more rooms.

Housing stock

Gossau (SG) now has a total of 8,902 apartments, following additional growth in the local housing supply as a result of new construction.

The overall number of 1-room apartments amounts to 232.

Additionally, there are 847 apartments with 2 rooms, 2,234 apartments with 3 rooms and 3,110 apartments with a full 4 rooms.

In total, there are 1,458 5-room apartments and 1,021 large apartments with at least 6 rooms.

Unoccupied apartments

In Gossau (SG), 2.03% of apartments are vacant.

This means that 3.45% of the 1-room apartments,

3.43% of the 2-room apartments,

2.91% of all 3-room apartments,

1.74% of the apartments with 4 rooms

and 1.37% of 5-room apartments are uninhabited.

Apartments with more than 5 rooms have a vacancy rate of 0.97%; of that total, 0.39% are apartments with more than 6 rooms.

Property market (letting only)

An average of CHF 1,460 is needed to rent a property.

Consequently, 25% of all available rents are lower than or equivalent to a monthly rent of CHF 1,250 (25th percentile).

And 75% of monthly rents are cheaper than or equal to CHF 1,717 (75th percentile).