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The Canton of Nidwalden is in high demand – in the last 3 years, the population has increased by 3.09%, to 44,420.

Demographic data

Average income is CHF 98,605.

The proportion of university graduates is 13.62%; 19.23% of residents have higher vocational education, and 48.61% have SEK II qualifications. In addition, 18.55% of residents are currently enrolled in compulsory schooling.

Currently, 0.4% of the population is unemployed.


The tax percentage is 9.81%. The actual amount of tax paid varies from person to person and depends on factors such as actual income, marital status and the overall level of deductions.

On average, a married couple on a pension pays 12.92% and a childless, married couple pays 9.45%. Married couples with two children pay an average of 6.47% and the rate of taxation for a single person without children is 13.17%.

The property market in general

New buildings

Over the past 5 years, the number of newly constructed apartments in the Canton of Nidwalden has risen continuously. A total of 1,256 new apartments have been built.

The 10 1-bedroom apartments are perfect for people living alone.

168 of the newly built apartments are also 2-room apartments.

For families trying to find new living space, the 400 apartments and the 444 4-room apartments are ideal.

The newly constructed apartments include 188 5-room apartments and 46 apartments with a minimum of 6 rooms.

Housing stock

The new builds have contributed to an additional expansion of the housing supply, and there are now 22,942 apartments in the Canton of Nidwalden.

One-room properties account for a total of 1,013 apartments in the area.

Additionally, there are 2,659 apartments with 2 rooms, 5,333 apartments with 3 rooms and 7,678 apartments with 4 rooms.

In total, there are 4,126 5-room apartments and 2,133 large apartments with 6 or more rooms.

Empty apartments

In the Canton of Nidwalden, there is a 0.83% vacancy rate for apartments.

Consequently, 1.59% of the 1-room apartments,

1.21% of all 2-room apartments,

0.76% of the apartments with 3 rooms,

0.8% of 4-room apartments

and 0.68% of 5-room apartments are uninhabited.

The vacancy rate for apartments with more than 5 rooms is 0.63%; 0.52% of those empty properties are apartments with at least 6 rooms.

Housing market (rental only)

An average of CHF 1,780 is required to rent a flat.

In terms of the rents on the market, a quarter of them are equivalent to or cheaper than a monthly rent of CHF 1,490.

75% of monthly rents are lower than CHF 2,090 (75th percentile), or they are equal to this average price.