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CHF 953.– Premium
1.5 rooms 23m² living space
Via Lucerna 1, 6900 Lugano

City Pop - Your flexible solution for long and short stays!

From 220CHF/week, we offer a centrally located apartment in Lugano, of about 23 square meters. This furnished apartment guarantees an authentic living experience: you can relax, work, sleep, cook and eat, all in an apartment with such an organized 4-star interior:- Complete furnished apartment with kitchen, living room, sleeping area and bathroom; - Complete inventory for kitchen (plates, glasses, pots, etc.), sleeping area and towels; - Expenses costs (electricity, water); - Fast Internet connection; - Smart TV (Serafe excluded); - Breakfast (croissant and coffee).But there is more! This fantastic and innovative living concept is free of contractual restrictions regarding the minimum length of stay: City Pop can be booked for 4 weeks up to a maximum of 52 weeks. A wide range of standard and additional services is available, which can be activated e.g. via the City-Pop-App:- Cleaning service (weekly, biweekly); - Storage; - Parking spot (internal and external).Each guest can create and adapt his or her own range of services to best suit his or her needs and lifestyle.It''''s as easy as booking a hotel room! To book an apartment, download our City Pop app, choose your booking period and you will have access to all available apartments in the period you want!Get more information to our Website or through our App Citypop!We are looking forward to meeting you soon at City Pop!

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Additional information


The population of the Distretto di Lugano is currently 152,321, which is a population increase of 1.12% in the past 3 years.

Demographic data

On average, people earn CHF 83,275 annually. 24.58% of the population have a university degree, 10.53% have completed higher vocational training, 43.58% have an SEK II qualification (school-leaving certificate or apprenticeship), 21.30% of residents are currently in compulsory education and 0.01% of the population provided no information on their highest educational qualification. The current unemployment rate is 1.00%.


11.53% is the tax percentage in the region. However, the individual amount of tax paid differs from person to person and is determined by income, marital status and the total amount of deductions, among other factors. In the Distretto di Lugano, a retired couple (over 65) pays an average of 15.48% tax, a married couple with two children 6.44% and a couple with no children 10.03%. The tax burden for a single person without children is 16.82%.

Summary of the property market

New builds

A total of 4,293 new apartments have been created in the Distretto di Lugano within the last 5 years – growth has been continuous. The 284 1-bedroom apartments are perfect for singles. The number of newly built 2-room apartments totals 1,201. Housing for families has also been built: For example, 1,399 apartments with 3 rooms and 971 4-room apartments were added to the pool of housing available locally. The newly constructed accommodation includes 250 5-room apartments and 188 apartments with a minimum of 6 rooms.

Housing stock

New construction has further increased the pool of housing available in the region; there are now a total of 98,630 apartments in the Distretto di Lugano. One-room properties comprise a total of 6,619 apartments in the region. Additionally, there are 18,382 apartments with 2 rooms, 27,586 apartments with 3 rooms and 27,278 apartments with a full 4 rooms. The 5-room apartments also constitute a total of 11,249 properties, while the apartments with at least 6 rooms account for 7,516.

Vacant apartments

2.07% of apartments in the Distretto di Lugano are unoccupied. Consequently, 3.22% of the 1-room apartments, 2.7% of apartments with 2 rooms, 2.36% of all 3-room apartments, 1.56% of 4-room apartments and 1.23% of apartments with 5 rooms are presently uninhabited. Apartments with more than 5 rooms have a vacancy rate of 1.33%; of that figure, 1.49% are apartments with more than 6 rooms.

Property market (letting only)

The average rental price for a flat is CHF 1,450. 25% of all rents on offer are below a monthly rent of CHF 1,200, or they are equivalent to this amount (25th percentile). 75% of monthly rents are lower than CHF 1,750 (75th percentile), or they are equal to this average price.